Here at Arlani Sales and Marketing we are always looking for innovative products that shall help to redefine the Packaging market. One company that we work alongside that has changed the packaging market.

The egg heads in development have created Dry Stick labels. These labels are polypropylene transparent “no look labels” but can still be applied on a high performance conventional labelling machine with wet glue. Therefore avoiding you the cost of investing in self adhesive labelling machinery thus bringing down your labelling costs by up to 50%

This company for their innovation were awarded the World Star Winner Award 2011-2012 and the Star Pack Award Winner 2011. For more information on this company and to find out how you can make the most of their product range please contact us through the details provided.



Another company in our client base that continues to impress the packaging market by bringing new and intelligent ideas through are cap manufacturers who have finalised the ‘minimal spray cap.’ This market changing product reduces the material required/cost, and increases the amount of product you can transport, store, and put on shelf.

Another key function of the minimal spray cap is its ‘accidental spray’ prevention. In transit, many aerosol product can accidentally release the gas / product inside the can due to their poor design. The minimal spray cap design stops this issue from occurring and ensures there is no accidental release.

Food Closure Innovation

This same company have also created innovative closure products for the food market. ‘Plasti Flow’ and ‘Quali Flow’ are screw on closures for bottled sauces that function without the use of silicone. With its 100% recyclable material, this product also takes the environmental aspect into account.

‘Plasti Flow’ and ‘Quali Flow’ with their easy wipe closures are perfect additions to the food market, making it the best in the business with its economic, environmental and hygienic advantages.


To find out more about our client and their impressive product range please get in touch through our contact page.